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You are invited to daily enjoy God's presence, practice listening to Him, and to lock hearts together in prayer. We can expect powerful effects when we come together to praise Him...Hallelujah! surrender to His will...Amen. and live in faith as His plan unfolds...It Is Done. There is power in prayer when His children agree with His Word. Let's cheer the Holy Spirit on! Let us pray! When we sense the presence of His Holy Spirit and hear Him speak to our hearts, there is great joy...JOY you don't want to miss! With day-to-day prayer prompts for the entire year, author Judith Elmer offers Christians an engaging opportunity to make daily prayer a true joy. This powerful book is perfect for individual use, and provides fresh, inspiring direction in prayer groups, at Christian retreats, within the family, and for teaching. With prayers such as "Visible Garbage," "Jaded Yet Never Too Tough," "Healer for All Diseases" and "The Voices of Brides," we clearly see the connection of prayer to every aspect of life. What started for the author as a simple plan of keeping a journal so she would become more aware of God's presence in her life also became a spiritual warfare weapon for her. She discovered that writing down the evidence of God's presence in her life, and the scriptures that He whispered into her mind, was a powerful safeguard against the enemy stealing her joy. Over the years, the Holy Spirit guided her thoughts and heart as He designed these prayers written in this book. Be encouraged, be uplifted and be inspired! Let Hallelujah! Amen. It Is Done. be your invitation to pray, come closer, listen, and enjoy the One True God

The Christian life is by nature one of faith and often calls you to act in counterintuitive ways. When author Judith Elmer’s husband suffered a stroke, she had every reason to protest, and yet Christ invited her to praise God instead. Absurd, right? But when she chose to focus on who God is rather than her circumstances, she experienced an impossible peace that lifted her above the hurt and grief and gave her the strength to endure.

God is always worthy of praise and when we acknowledge that truth, our lives can overflow with peace and joy. Take Up the Praise! and Walk On Water teaches you how to grow your faith by practicing the spiritual discipline of praise. Combining scripture, hymns, and personal stories, this book also includes interactive sections throughout the text where you can write your own responses to questions such as: What is your battle cry for help? What song is God singing over you? What helps you turn your eyes on Jesus?

Great for small groups, Bible study and retreat settings, this book can also serve as a personal devotional or a gift for a friend in need of comfort.